I have a second solar installation in the works.


This one is a 24V DC solar charged battery system to eventually run my internet, intranet and ham radio.

At this time I have 1 x 24V 230W panel on the roof in a temporary mount. This charge controller will allow me to put the second one in series to give me a 460W charge capacity.


This is the MPPT solar charge controller. (cover anyway).

And the insides.

The charge controller is generating lots of interference on my ham radio on the 2M band. 146.650Mhz.

I have tried adding some inductors to the connections but is has not helped.

When I hooked them up, I forgot the terminal polarities were mechanically swapped. There was a pop!

Fortunately, it looks like nothing got damaged. Whew!

The next thing to do is properly ground it all, and add bypass capacitors.

AND clean up the wiring.


My ham transceiver is running via a 24V to 13.8V stepĀ  down converter using 3 x HRD 3A 12V regulators..


Adding a 10K resistor to ground (track cut needed) will give about 13.8V


Each regulator o/p has a 4A polyswitch in line to give protection and act as a current sharing ballast resistor.

Using 3 regs is a bit of overkill but it is better to have more than not enough current.

The shed solar will eventually feed into the house to run the ADSL modem, switches, PBX and security cameras.