Having read with interest the article referring to the H801 LED WiFi controller ..


I decided to get 5 units to play with.

An LED with current limiting resistor was installed to test it.

After installing the Android App from…


the LED could be controlled via the PWM outputs, “R”, “G” and “B”.

Then I got an idea!

Why not control motors?

Our local Jaycar shop has the “duinotech DC Geared Motor, With Rubber Wheel” (YG-2900) so I picked up a couple.



Then a diode bridge (W04) was soldered on…


Note the polarity. The “AC” leads go to the motor terminals, and the green and slate wires. Just a hint here, swap the green and slate wires on the second motor as it will mount on the other side of the base and rotate the opposite direction. I didn’t think about that at the time, so both are the same on my setup.


Put some heat shrink tubing over the joints.

If you want the “Basic” only, just use a diode in place of the bridge, and only the green and slate wires.

Next, grab a hunk of ply, plastic, cardboard…. and with the help of some hot melt glue, “install” the motors and a soft drink bottle lid as shown below. Also pop a hole through the base.


My setup has the diode bridges but is running in the “Basic” configuration as I’ll install relays later.

The idea of the diodes backwards across the motors and relays is to absorb the voltage spike produced when the FET switches off. This protects the components from popping, and makes the motors run smoother. Also helps limit the arcing on the commutator.

Please make sure the diodes ARE reversed, the Cathode (-ve) is connected to the +6V.

Otherwise, you may let the Magic Smoke out 😉

Next step, stick the H801 on the other side and run the wires up through the hole.


Hook it up as per the circuit selected. On mine above, the extra Red and Black wires coming up through the hole are the diode bridge connections in preparation for the relays to be added later.

If you just want the non reversible “Basic” setup, only the Green and Slate wires will be there.

Power it up and connect to the WiFi network that the H801 produces.

The SSID IS “HCX_9D983B” and the password is “88888888”.

Driving it is a bit of fun.

RED drives the left motor and GREEN the right.

To go straight, select YELLOW.

That’s it!

There are no software mods needed, but the controllability will sure profit from some coding!

So here is how to toss together a WiFi robot base in about 30 minutes.

My Grandies sure enjoyed it, and to tell the truth, so did I.

The basic circuit….


And the reversible one. I have not done this yet.


I think I may try to run both relays from the Blue as it will be easier to control.

Movie on 2015-09-29 at 22.41

I’m sorry about the lack of sound explaining this video. I’ll try to fix it later when I get some spare time.

Also, I hope to include the reversibility function.